SPCOM 100: Public Speaking
Syllabus - Spring, 2010
Instructor: Ms. Kim Gyuran
REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Metcalfe, Sheldon Building a Speech 6th edition.

How to Contact Me Throughout the Semester.
Office: Founders Hall 264
Student Office Hours: by appointment

Phone: (209) 575-6174
You may leave me a voice mail, but I will only pick up my messages during my scheduled on-campus office hours.

I log onto my Blackboard email M-TH once a day.  M-TH you can expect a 24 hour turn around response.  Please note, however, that if you email me on Thursday after I have picked up my messages, I will not respond to you before Monday when I log on again.


  I.  Student Learning Outcomes: Students successfully completing SPCOM 100 will:

        A.  create, research, & effectively deliver, professional and engaging speeches that are cogent, clear, & concise.

        B.  construct a speech outline demonstrating clarity of ideas, proper source citation, awareness of audience, and proper outlining techniques.

        C.  evaluate speeches in written and verbal forms.

        D.  identify and apply effective listening techniques.

        E.  use the library and other modalities for effective research.

All projects on the syllabus are linked to other pages Click on each area to obtain information about a project.

 II.  Participation (click on link to view description) - 45 pts. total

III.  Tests - 90 pts. total

Tests are based on the textbook and the information shared in the learning modules.  Each learning module will outline what information you will be tested on.  You may NOT make up a test in this class.  Please be advised that tests are timed and may not be repeated.  All tests are administered online.  You'll need to access your Blackboard account to take them.  I will drop your lowest test grade.  There will also be some tests, which you will be encouraged to collaborate on with your coaching partner.

           Symbolic Presentation (click on link to view description)  - 10 pts.
       Impromptu Presentation (click on link to view description)-  20 pts.
Informative Presentation (click on link to view description) -  50 pts.
          Persuasive Presentation (click on link to view description)-  50 pts.

   V.  Speech Night (click on link to view description) - 10 pts.

*Performance assignments MUST BE completed on time.


Points   A= 275-247      B=246-220        C=219-193       D= 192-165    F=164-0

We will try to stay to the schedule, however, we may alter the schedule if necessary. It is your responsibility for finding out what you have missed if you are absent and what may be due. 

Failure to complete any presentation will result in being dropped from the class.

Class Conduct

Inappropriate Behavior: I will not tolerate rude or inappropriate behavior.  If I determine your conduct is not conducive to our class climate, I
     will file disciplinary actions.

Cheating: Plagiarism (misrepresenting someone else’s ideas or wording as one’s own) or cheating in any other form will result in automatic failure on the assignment and possibly the course.

  It is your responsibility to withdrawal through MJC's Admissions Office.  Failure to do so may result in earning an F in this course.

Do not bring beepers or cell phones into on-campus classes.

There is no grading curve.  Two points will be deducted from each project each day it's late.  I will NOT accept any late project three days passed its due date.